Anna Zimowska

Participant No. 23 Professional category
Anna Zimowska. Poland, Wieliczka

Country/State/City: Poland, Wieliczka
Music School: National Music School in the name of M. Karlowicz in Cracow

Anna (11) was born in Cracow, Poland, on 9.07.2010.She began playing the piano at the age of six. At the age of 7 she started her education in National Music School in the name of M. Karlowicz in Cracow. Now she is a 5th grade student in Izabela Grzybek piano class.

She has received a number of awards in both national and international competitions:

 1 prize in IV Propiano Competition / Spain (2021)
 1 prize in IX György Ferenczy Piano Competition in Budapest/ Hungary (2021)
 1 prize in International Piano Competition „Klavirna Orava Klary Havlikovej” in Dolny Kubin / Slovakia (2019)
 1 prize in „Silk Way” International Music Competition in the name of S. Prokofiew /Russia (2021)
 Finalist and Special Mention in Young Euregio Piano Competition 2021 in Geilenkirchen/Germany (2021)
 1 prize in Canadian International Music Competition (2021),
 1 prize in International Piano Competition in Berlin / Germany (2019),
 1 prize in the IX International Piano Competition „Young Virtuoso” in Sanok / Poland (2018)
 1 prize in the I International Piano Competition in Libiaz / Poland (2018),
 2 prize in II International Chopin Piano Competition in Vienna / Austria (2019)
 1 prize in VI International Music Competition in Veliko Tyrnovo / Bulgaria (2019),
 2 prize in I International Online Piano Competition „Gloria Artis” in Vienna /Austria (2020),
 1 prize in „Danubia Talents” International Music Competition in Budapest / Hungary (2019),
 3 prize in LII International Piano Competitition „Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte” in Usti n.Labem / Czech Republic (2019),
 3 prize in International Moscow Music Online – Competition in Russia (2020)
 2 prize in the I National Piano Competition in the name of. M. Karlowicz in Cracow/Poland (2019),
 1 prize in IMKA International Online Music Competition in Sarajevo /Bosna and Hercegovina(2019),
 2 prize in X International Competition „Giovanni Musicisti” in Treviso/Italia (2018),
 3 prize in III International Piano Competition in the name of E. Pozzoli in Cracow/Poland (2018),
 1 prize in International Music Competition of Slavonic Composers in Ostrava / Slovakia (2019),
 3 prize in International Piano Competition „Broumovska Klavesa” in Broumov / Czech Republic (2019),
 2 prize in VIII International Piano Competition in Stalowa Wola/Poland (2018),
 3 prize in International Monika Sikorska – Wojtacha Piano Competition in Wieliczka / Poland
 1 prize in National Piano Competition „Piano e forte” in Wieliczka / Poland (2018),
 2 prize in National I. J.Paderewski Piano Competition in Tuchów / Poland (2020),
 3 prize in „Flying Stage” Internet International Competition in Burgas / Bulgaria (2018).

She partecipated in masterclasses of ph. Andrzej Tatarski, ph.Tatyana Schevchenko (Odessa, Ukraina)and ph. Milena Kędra.
She i salso interested in pop music: Michael Jackson and Queen.


C. Vine — Bagatelle no.2 (1:37)
J. S. Bach -Prelude and fuge in c — minor BWV 847 (3:20)
A. Scriabin — Prelude op.16 no 1 (3:08)
M. Spisak — Humoresque (4:28)

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Anna Zimowska 2 comments

  1. You are very talanted! I like your playing despite a bit inaccuracies in Bach.

    Maybe I’d prefer more different sound and styles as well. But I understand that it’s only 15 minutes program.

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