Ian M Roy

Participant No. 7 Amateut category
Ian M Roy England, Warwickshire, Nuneaton

Nationality: British
Age: 50
Country/State/City England, Warwickshire, Nuneaton
Music School ( if applicable ): actual or/and previous
Professor’s list ( if applicable ): actual or/and previous
How long have you been playing piano/from what age: from age 8 years


Ian Roy was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and attended Wick High School. He began playing the piano at age eight and studied initially with Emma Bruce in Wick. After leaving Wick High School he studied for two degrees in maths and physics at the University of Aberdeen. He then worked on two research contracts at the universities of Plymouth and Newcastle upon Tyne. Thereafter he worked for the ship safety department of QinetiQ at Rosyth, and then for Petroleum Experts in Edinburgh. He now works as an
engineering analyst for the Coventry based firm of OLEO International. Over the years he has participated in various amateur festivals in the UK plus some international amateur piano competitions.


Name and duration of every piece:
Chopin: Study Op10no1: 2mins20secs
Suk: Liebeslied: 6mins
Ravel: Ondine: 7mins 15secs

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Ian M Roy 6 comments

  1. Impressive performance! Thank you!

    Chopin etude sounds a bit flat. I’d prefer more rubato and dynamic contrasts. But it’s still etude and still competition. Considering this etude performed very well.
    P. S. I’ve been playing this etude since last 25 years and frankly speaking for me it’s still a puzzle how this etude really should sound.

    Liebeslied is performed perfect. But by the competition rules participants can’t play program with scores. We will not deduct points because Chopin etude + Ravel it’s almost 10min in sum. Just judge ( if I can use this word ) to your performance as you would have played just Chopin and Ravel.

    Ravel is performed very well. I think you can use sostenuto pedal ( middle one ) sometimes. If your piano has one of course. Even if it hasn’t you can try to use longer sustain pedal.

    You are incredibly talented! It’s a big pleasure to listen to your playing on PianoArt competition!

    P. S. Also want to note that the recording was made in one shot. Bravo!

    P. P. S. Dear Mr. Ian Roy

    I checked the PianoArt website and discovered that there are any mentions that you can not perform the program playing with the score. Really sorry for that misunderstanding. We’ll fix the rules after PianoArt 2021.

    Also I just wanna let all the other participants know that even without this composition you have enough program playing by heart ( like I mentioned above ). Everything is fair on PianoArt competitions.

    Thank you for your understanding!

  2. Замечательно! Виртуозное владение инструментом, полная техническая свобода, владение звуком и понимание музыкального материала. Liebeslied и Равель исполнены в английской манере, с аристократическим изяществом и прекрасным туше!

  3. my sincere congratulations!
    I am very glad that my amateur impressions coincided with the opinion of the professional jury.

    Nikita’s grandma

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