Jen-Hao Yeh

Participant No. 2 Professional category
Jen-Hao Yeh Taiwan (R.O.C.), Taipei City

Music School ( if applicable ): ManhaOan School of Music, music giPed class at
Professor’s list ( if applicable ): actual or/and previous: Alexandre Moutouzkine,
Hua-Jung Yen and Chiao-Han Liao
How long have you been playing piano/from what age: About 15 years, from
the age of 7


The Odin Interna<onal Music Online Compe<<on commented on Mr. Jen-Hao
Yeh’s performance of Frescobaldi’s toccata and Brahms’ first piano sonata that
“These were highly intelligent readings of not the most explored repertoire, full
of clarity and polyphonic interest as if the pianist was a conductor commanding
all his ten fingers to do his will…There was good contrast between Brahms’
grand orchestral piano sound and his melancholy introspec<on, into which he
was to re<re much later in his composing career. Mul< faceted played of great

With the ability to create various colors in sound and contrasts between
different musical styles, Mr. Yeh has recently been awarded top prizes of
several compe<<ons, such as I Prize of Odin Interna<onal Music Online
Compe<<on, I Prize of Muse Interna<onal Compe<<on and I Prize of Golden
Classical Music Awards, which has invited Mr. Yeh to perform the Winners
Concerts at Carnegie Hall. Mr. Yeh has held a recital at The Na<onal Performing
Arts Center of Taiwan (R.O.C.), one of the most iconic concert halls in the

Mr. Yeh has graduated from two of the top music giPed classes in Taiwan at the
Jr. High Division of Affiliated Senior High School of Na<onal Taiwan Normal
University and Sr. High School of Zhong- zheng Senior High School. He is
currently studying with Prof. Alexandre Moutouzkine at ManhaOan School of


F. Liszt — Paraphrase de concert sur Rigoletto, S.434 (07:24)
J.S. Bach — The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 — Contrapunctus XII (Mirror Fugue a 4)
C. V. Alkan — Etude in F Major, Op. 35 No. 5 “Allegro Barbaro” (02:57)

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Jen-Hao Yeh 3 comments

  1. Well performed!

    Good soft sound in Liszt. Despite this I’d prefer more orchestral and steady sounding. Especially when it’s a solo melody.

    In Bach sometimes it’s too much pedal. Also occasionally the pulse is a bit inaccurate. Despite a rhythm is absolutely ok.

    Etude is well performed! Maybe you should add a little bit more brilliance considering that the Allan was one of the most virtuoso pianists of his time. But it sounds very colourfully and I really like it!

    Well done!

  2. The interpretation of Liszt lacks personality. I would like more opera, orchestra, passion, and brilliance in your interpretation.
    Sometimes is it’s too much pedal in Bach and sometimes you are nervous.
    Very nice interpretation of Alkan Etude. You play it with the élan and fury. I would like more colors in the middle section.

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