Malva Rodríguez González

Participant No. 16 Professional category
Malva Rodríguez González. Cuba/La Habana

Nationality: cuban
Age: 18
Country/State/City: Cuba/La Habana/La Habana
Music School (if applicable): actual or/and previous: Escuela Nacional de Arte
Professor’s list (if applicable): actual or/and previous: Aldo López-Gavilán
How long have you been playing piano/from what age: She started at 8. She´s been playing for 10 years


Malva Rodríguez González was born on 11.01.2003 in Cuba. In 2011 she entered the Saumell Conservatory due to the piano profile with Professor Hortensia Upmann. In 2014 she won the Third Prize in the Amadeo
Roldán Provincial Piano Competition and a Special Mention for the Best Performance of Music of the 20th century.
In 2016 she obtained the Second Prize in the Amadeo Roldán Provincial Piano Competition and Special Mentions for the Best Interpretation of Cuban and Latin American works respectively. In 2018 she obtained
the Third Prize in the Amadeo Roldán Piano Competition. In 2020 she obtained the Second Prize in the First Latin American Contest “América para Todos”, online modality in the Young Latin American Pianist
Category. In 2021 she obtained the Second Prize in the Rocky Mountain Piano Competition, online modality and the Second Prize in the second edition of the Latin American Contest “América para Todos” in the
Young Latin American Virtuous Category, also online. She has participated in the Havana Contemporary Music Festival, in numerous activities organized by her school, in Silvio Rodríguez’s Tour of the Barrios, as well as in other concerts. Since 2019 she studies at the National School of Art and is a student of Aldo López Gavilán. She is currently in the third year of pre-

Name and duration of every piece:

Prelude and Fugue III (Well-Tempered Clavier Book I) C# Major BWV 848; Johann Sebastian Bach 4:07
Prelude no.2 Op.3 in c# minor; Serguéi Rajmáninov 4:05
Bachiana Brasileira no.4; Heitor Villa-Lobos 3:10

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Malva Rodríguez González 1 comment

  1. I liked your performance! Thank you!

    You are an individuality and this is the most important thing!

    Maybe sometimes you can change the pedal less in Rachmaninoff.Then it will be sounding more colourful and impressive.

    P. S. Keep running the channel on YouTube trying different formats!

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