Melody Lush

Participant No. 13 Amateur category
Melody Lush. Budapest, Hungary


She has always been a lover of classical music from all points of view, and when she started playing piano when she was a teenager her life changed, it was her biggest motivation! But sadly she stopped before completing two years of study.After moving to Budapest in 2020, the first thing to do was to start piano again after all those years of break.At the same time, in 2021 she also starts violin, and leads the study of these two instruments simultaneously.She doesn’t know what she will do with music, but the most important thing for her is to never stop loving it and always carry on the knowledge and the study.Play for yourself, and then for others!

Repertoire and name and duration of every piece:Nocturne in C sharp minor — F. Chopin

Sinfonia n.3 in D major — J. S. Bach

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Melody Lush 2 comments

  1. For the «amateur» category is fine. You just have to be careful with the dynamics and the tempo sometimes. I also noticed an excessive finger movement on the keyboard. I recommend more technical exercises. In general you did a good job.

  2. You are very talanted!

    Chopin sounds deep and colourful. Despite this you should avoid too sharp accents. Try to watch on the keyboard less and concentrate more on your feelings.

    Bach sounds very well. With a very good pulse and in style.

    Thank you for your playing!

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