Rakhimova Akmila

Participant No. 6 Professional category
Akmila Rakhimova. Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Age: 22
Music School ( if applicable ): College of Arts. M. Ashrafi; State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.
Professor’s list ( if applicable ): Usupova O. U.


Rakhimova Akmila. I was born in 1998, October 21, in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. From 5 to 7 years old I was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. In 2006 I entered the music school № 5 of Bukhara. In 2013 I graduated from a music school with honor of direction of Piano. In 2014 I was entered the Art College named after M. Ashrafi , department-piano. In 2018 I entered the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.
In 2013 took part in the «Kamalak yulduzlari» festival. In 2016 took part in the competition dedicated to the day of Memory and Honor. In 2018 took part in scientific and practical student conference to F. Mendelssohn of the topic of piano concerts. In 2019 took part in the festival dedicated to the piano music of Uzbek composers.


F. Chopin — Etude op.10 no.8 (2.59 min)
P. Tchaikovsky — «Dumka» op.59 (8.05 min)

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Rakhimova Akmila 3 comments

  1. Etude is well performed but the Grand piano is untuned. It will not affect the score but anyway next time try to find well tuned piano for recording.

    The piano again.. This one is well tuned but you should open the Grand piano lid next time. Because it sounds faint.
    But even if forget about the piano as for me you play a bit superficial. You are very talented and must to find good contact with a piano. Then you will be able to play amazing anything using your talent.

    Will be happy to see you on the next PianoArt competition! Playing with the open lid on well tuned piano and a bit more steady hands.

  2. F. Chopin — Etude op.10 no.8
    The left-hand needs a much more cantabile in the melody and a singing tone. The etude needs more dynamics. Tempo is too slow.

    P. Tchaikovsky — «Dumka» op.59
    There is poor pedaling and there is missing quality phrasing.

    The video camera must be closer to the piano, we must see the pianist’s hands and pedals of the piano.

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