Sarah Sejen

Participanr No. 6 Amateur category
Sarah Sejen. USA/Arizona/Phoenix

Nationality: USA
Age: 30
Country/State/City: USA/Arizona/Phoenix
Professor’s list ( if applicable ) actual or/and previous: Natalie Burton
How long have you been playing piano/from what age: Age 7


Sarah Sejen lives in Phoenix, AZ where she works as a corporate tax manager. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from The University of Arizona and a master’s degree in taxation from Arizona State University. She is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of Arizona.
Sarah started playing piano at age seven and currently takes lessons with Natalie Burton at Arizona State University’s Community Music School. She also plays trombone in the Tempe Symphony Orchestra.

Name and duration of every piece:

Prelude & Fugue in A Flat Major, BWV 862 – J.S. Bach (4:22)
Nocturne Op. 48, No. 1 – Chopin (6:02)

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Sarah Sejen 2 comments

  1. Well done! Very good pulse in Bach. Maybe you can make even more pianissimo sometimes. Please don’t be afraid to hold long notes longer ( let them off a bit later ). It will give you ( and your listeners as well ) the opportunity enjoy the sound of delays ( especially intervals 2 ) more.

    Chopin sounds very well. Very good hand positions.

    Thank you for your playing! Keep going!

  2. Бах исполнен нестандартно и интересно. Шопен звучит еще более нестандартно. Несмотря на непривычное звукоизвлечение и вольности в темпах, ноктюрн звучит цельно и на меня произвел большое эмоциональное впечатление!

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