The 2020 POIC begins


Dear friends I’d like to welcome all of you to the 2020 PianoArt online International competition!

I am very happy to host the second annual PianoArt event.

This year we have a panel of world class judges.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for every participant who has the aspirations of gaining recognition in their art.

Registrants from more than twenty contries around the world are waiting for the start of the competition.

Click on this link below to go to the list of the 2020 competition participants. In the list you will be able to find your name with link to your personal entry page.

On December 15th 6 p. m. EET on the entry page you will be able to find the judges raitings and comments from those judges who provide it. Viewing of any contestants page is open to the public.

For family members of the participants of PianoArt competition if this is your first time to be envolved in an International competition, let me encourage you to give your full support to your family members. Internatioanal competitions are an essential part of the development of pianists. It will be a rewarding experience for you as well and your support will be greately appreciated.

Look for myself and the team either on this channel or on my website on the fifteen of December with the results of the competition. Link is in the description below.

I wish every one good luck! Thank you