Winners of POIC 2020 Professional Category

Дата: 15-12-2020 23:05


Zvjezdan Vojvodić. Zagreb. Croatia

Bogyeong Lee. South Korea/United States

First Prize:

Cristina Aracil Almarcha. Orihuela Alicante, Spain

Eryk Koszela. From Rzeszów, Poland
( gets a special prize an online — lesson with Stavros Dritsas )

Daphne Delicata. Malta

Second Prize:

Diana Stognushenko. Konstantinovka, Ukraine
( gets a special prize of 25€ from Volodymyr Slakva and any online — course of your choice )

Mariya Akhadjanova. Iowa City, USA

Semen Markov. Saint — Petersburg, Russia
( gets a special prize an online — lesson with Stavros Dritsas )

Rafał Błaszczyk. Bydgoszcz, Poland

Konstantin Bashikov. Sofia, Bulgaria
( extremely gifted participant as mention by many of the judges )

Third Prize:

Markus Siedenberg. Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Madeline Anderson. Iowa City, USA 

Zhisheng Wang. Chengdu, China

Ivan Senderov. Donezk, Ukraine
( gets a special prize an online — lesson with one of our judges Mikhail Arkadev. + a special prize from Volodymyr Slakva — you can choose any online — course of your choice )

Fourth Prize:

Minjeong Jo. Freiburg im Breisgau, South Korea

Jamie Loftus. Great Britain 


Fateen. Bangalore, India – for high technical level and good preparation!

Anna Zimowska. Wieliczka, Poland – for the enthusiastic playing and gift as in talant!

Carlos Aracil Almarcha. Alicante, Spain – for the good preparation and talant!

Viacheslav Mashinin. Kovrov, Russia  —  for an interesting program and enthusiastic playing! Gets a prize of 25€ from Volodymyr Slakva.

Laura Arias Palomino. Cordoba, Spain — for an exellent performance of Toccata by Prokofiev!

Anudari Agiimaa. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia — for the extraordinary articulation!

Julija Škreblin Milić. Zagreb, Croatia – for the high technical level and bright performance! Can ask for a free online — lesson with one of our couches Stavros Dritsas

( from the video on the TOP )

Two weeks ago the PianoArt competition began. We had more than 100 participants from 26 countries around the world. All submissions have been received and results are ready. On behalf of the PianoArt competition committee we would like to present to you the results of the 2020 competition. Let me introduce PianoArt committee: Volodymyr Slakva is the principal event organizer and a judge. Katerina Slakva is the correspondence specialist and a judge. Anna Prosenco is in charge of files and documents and a judge. Vitalii is the programmer. Olga Lutzenco is the designer. I am Roger English language specialist;

This is the second year of the competition we can see that we have a large number of the participants and they are increasing. So we would like to expend the competition to offer of monetary prizes. In order to do this, we will need to find sponsors to provide support for the prizes. Please consider how you could assist us in finding sponsors.

Perhaps in your area you know people who are interested in promoting piano skills locally. As you know PianoArt Competition brings together people from International locations for the benefit of competition as a way to improve piano skills. If we can sign on sponsors from different areas, we will be able to incentivise more competitiveness among the participants. This will benefit you by inspiring your creativity and excellence. You may interest potential sponsors by sharing with them the link on your PianoArt competition result.       

This year the entries were overall of high quality which presented significant challenge for our team and the judges who kindly volunteered their time and expertise to respond to each entry with accuracy and timeliness. I think we owe debt of gratitude for their service in this competition. Please take these comments as constructive towards your efforts to develop your piano skills. All of us would like very much to see your participation in our 2021 PianoArt online competitions. We believe that with every competitive experience the pianist learns something new about their abilities. And with professional feedback one can grow as a pianist. Your placement in this year’s competition is a reflection of where you right now as a pianist, not where you could be. We hope that you will be encouraged through your experience and wish you the best of luck in future competitions! 

Before I announce the results of the 2020 POIC let me introduce our Judging Panel:

Nati Ballarin – Spain; Volodymyr Slakva – Ukraine; Stavros Dritsas – Great Britain; Yakov Kasman – United States of America; Francesco Buffa – Italy; Anatoly Zatin – Mexico; Vlada Vassilieva – Mexico; Mikhail Arkadev – Russia; Arseney Veretelnik – Russia; Vladislav Solianikov – Israel   

In a few days you will be able to find the comments from those Judges who provided it on your pages on the  PianoArt website. Every participant and their teacher can get a diploma whether they got the prize or not. It’s absolutely free. Please don’t hesitate to ask our team for a diploma but please give just a few weeks for us to send it to all of you. A bit more time is necessary because we have more than a hundred participants in for categories.

For those of you who submitted an entry but did not qualify for a prize we would like to let you know that we are very appreciative of your effort and we hope that you have benefited from this experience. We hope you will participate in our future competitions and wish you best of luck! Our next online competition will take place at the beginning of May. Time period for submissions will be giving our later date. Your email will be used to notify you of the announcement for the applications.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

Winners of POIC 2020 Amateur Category

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