Yanbo Ren

Participant No. 14 Professional category
Yanbo Ren. Sanya, China

Age:9 years
Music School ( if applicable ):
Since sep 2019 to nov 2020, he has been studying at the 1st grade
of Odessa’s state music school named Professor P.S. Stolyarsky in
the class Иванова Татьяна Арнольдовна. Now he goes to primary
school in China.


Yanbo Ren was born on 14.08.2012 in Sanya. Started studying piano
at the age of six with Иванова Татьяна Арнольдовна , who is
teaching in Odessa’s state music school named Professor P.S.
Stolyarsky in Odessa, Ukraine. At the age of 7, he was admitted to
Odessa’s state music school named Professor P.S. Stolyarsky.
While studying in Odessa, he followed Иванова Татьяна
Арнольдовна study, and has been the winner of 4 International
Piano Competitions, including:
I prize— the International online festival -contest of children`s and
youth arts MELODIES OF THE SEA(Online,2020)
I prize—China Europe International Music Festival Mozart Memorial
Award International Piano Competition(Sanya,2021)
II prize— the 5th International festival-competition of Art Music
III prize— Nouvelles Etoiles — online music
competition (Online,2020)
At the same time, he also carries on performance program on the
music stages, including КОНЦЕРТ Учеников класса
преподавателя-медодиста высшей категории(5 times),
Фестиваль “Дні па’мяті П.С.Столярського”(2019),
Благототворительный концерт учеников школы им.проф.П.С.

In Sep 2020, due to the COVID-19, he returned to China with his
parents. ANd then ,he studys with his mum.


Prelude in c-minor,
Czerny Etude No.33,
Tchaikovsky Neapolitan Song,
Ukrainian composers: Y.Shurovsky Barrel Organ, P.Zaharov Carousel.
J.S.Bach Piano Concerto No.5 in f minor, BWV 1056

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Yanbo Ren 4 comments

  1. Программа хорошо сделана. Но звучит всё немного однообразно. Как будто под метроном.

  2. Ученик 1 класса! Ещё только 1 класса, а уже так здорово! А сколько всего впереди! Удачи! Молодец!

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