Iya Pavlova

Pavlova Iya V’yacheslavivna was born 1st of January 1945. She got musical education at the Minsk Secondary Special Music School and the Minsk State Conservatory (from Prof. G. Petrov, V. Epstein, V. Shatskiy and Associate Professor L. A. Bessmєrtnoi). Graduated from the postgraduate study of the Kiev State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky (prof. T. Kravchenko). She was trained as a student of the Moscow State Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky (Prof. Ya. Milstein).

Laureate of the Bilorus National Competition (1964r.). Pratsyu in the National Academy of Ukraine imeni P.I. Tchaikovsky from 1970. Since 1991 — associate professor, since 1999 — on the landing of the professor’s office, 1995-2005 — Dean of the piano faculty.

І. V. Pavlova wiggled more than 160 graduates, who worked at the National Academy of Music named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, Kiev Institute of Music named after R.M. Glinra, KSSMSh named M.V. Lisenka, in the musical treasures of Ukraine, the USA, Italy, France, Nimechchini, China, Czech Republic, V’utnamu, Kubi. Among them are the honors of the Ukrainian artists V. Sherstyuk, laureates of international competitions and prizes. Revutsky and M. Lisenko — O. Bezborodko and O. Gromov, associate professor of the National Academy of Ukraine and the laureate of international competitions A. Veretelnik, O. Behlezov, A. Fandov, laureate of 12 international competitions Chzhai Shi, laureates of international competitions O. Kharchenko, Є. A. Khmara, D. Ostrolutska, M. Ryomenko, D. Piskunov and others.

І. V. Pavlova is the head of the jury of international competitions of pianists in Italy, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Ukraine. Permanent member of the journal of the International Festival-Competition of Ukrainian and Polish Music IM. F. Chopin near Dnipro city. Conducted a maister class at China, two pedagogical institutes in Pekin, at the conservatory and musical eleventh Dzhanjankou, also at V’єtnami in Hanoi. She was supplemented by the National Conservatory in the city of Pekin until the 100th day of the People’s Day prof. Kravchenko T.P. on the theme of Russian and Ukrainian piano schools. І. V. Pavlova is a member of the IM. F. Chopin in Ukraine, as a representative of the International Federation of Chopin Associations at UNESCO. Also, she took part in the conference of 49 counties in the Noan (France), which was assigned to the holding of the competition. F. Chopin in all lands of the world.