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Online PianoArt piano competition

Welcome to the page for the Second International PianoArt piano competition!
The theme of our competition is The Fairest Competition in the World!!!

Applications for entry to the PianoArt contest are accepted until the December 1, 2020 deadline to slakva1983@gmail.com

Click here for the application form

Your application: group (amateur or professional), а short biography (where you come from, where you live, what period of time and where you study, if you have a teacher, with whom, etc., in a free creative form). The executable program (titles of works and composers), your photo, a copy of the receipt payment fee.

ATTENTION! Amateurs are allowed to perform for their video on a digital instrument. Such recordings are equated to recordings of acoustic instruments. Professionals however, may only perform on classical ( acoustic ) instruments.


The entry fee for participation in the competition is 20 euro ( 25$ ).
Details for paying the registration fee:

For payments in €: Debit ( MasterCard ): 5168745018500279 Kateryna Slakva ( Paysend, TransferWise etc. ) Swift for payments in Euro

For payments in $: VISA: 4149499138043870 Kateryna Slakva ( Paysend, TransferWise etc. ) Swift for payments in Dollar

PayPal: paypal.me/zvezda4et
WebMoney: R307970412766
QIWI: qiwi.com/p/79819145608

Other International money transfer systems:
Ria Money Transfer, Meest Transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union, Intel Express, Welsend, PrivatMoney:
Country of recipient: Ukraine, Recipient — Kateryna Slakva

Contest administration
We will consider request for fee assistance from qualified applicants
Those interested should send an email to slakva1983@gmail.com

Recording information:

Duration should be no more than 15min.

The time stamp to the recording of your performance uploaded on YouTube should not be dated erlier than January 1, 2019. Within the video judges should be able to see your hands and face from a side view. There could be two or more different recordings ( links ). The video(s) should only contain raw footage of clips being submitted to the competition.
Note: please remember to stabilize your camera during recording.

The videos of the participants who achieve the Grand Prix may be uploaded to the channel PianoArt with approval by the participant.

Competition format:

From December 1 to December 14, the jury reviews and evaluates entries.

December 15 — announcement of the results and placement of the winners will be made on PianoArt website and YouTube channel.


The competition is open to pianists of all ages. The competition is divided into two categories: AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL. Both are open to all ages. Neither has categories for age.


You are free to choose your competition program. This performance is a program of 5 to 15 minutes of one or several pieces at the participant’s choice.

Contestants video rating system:

Each jury member will rate each video on a scale of 10 points ( 5 is the lowest rating ). Depending on the number of points, the winners will be determined: 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, as well as Grand Prix winners.

The rating of every jury member will be placed on the page of each participant and will be visible to everyone.

After your registration is completed (deadline: December 1, 2020), a page will be created on this site where you can see all the participants in the competition. There will be a photo of the participant, his brief biography and video recording of his performance on this page.


You can read about the jury members profiles here

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