Online piano competition PianoArt

Welcome to the page of second International piano competition PianoArt!
The slogan of our competition is the most honest competition in the world!!!

Applications for participation in the PianoArt contest are accepted until December 1, 2020 to the mail

Your application: group (amateur or professional), а short biography (where you come from, where you live, what period of time and where you study, if you have a teacher, with whom, etc., in a free creative form). The executable program (titles of works and composers), your photo, a copy of the receipt payment fee.

ATTENTION! Allowed to record video on a digital instrument! Such recordings are equated to recordings on acoustic instruments!


The entry fee for participation in the competition is 10 euro.
Details for paying the registration fee:
WebMoney: R307970412766

From November 1 to December 1, videos are accepted:
(also can be sent earlier, together with the application)

Link to the recording with your performance on YouTube, by which the jury will be able to view and evaluate the video (the audience of the contest will also be able to view this video, links to the video will be placed on a separate page of each participant).

The videos of the participants who will take the Grand Prix will be uploaded to the channel PianoArt. Of course, only by your consent.

From December 1 to December 14, the jury reviews and evaluates entries.

December 15 — announcement of the results and rewarding of the winners!

Requirements for video recording:

Duration no more than 15min. The video should show the entire artist! All works must be performed from beginning to end without installation! That is, it is forbidden to make cuts in the video editor (except for trimming the beginning and end of the video, where you or anyone else turns on / off the recording). Also, you cannot darken any sections of the video, do special effects, change the «picture», etc. It is also forbidden to edit the sound!


The competition is open to pianists of all ages without any restrictions. The competition is divided into two categories: AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL.


The competition program is free! This performance is from 5 to 15 minutes of one or several pieces at the participant’s choice.

Contestants video rating system:

Each jury member will rate each video from 5 to 10 points. Depending on the number of points scored, winners will be determined: owners of 1, 2, 3 places, as well as two Grand Prix (in amateur and professional groups).
All ratings of each jury member will be placed in the graph next to each participant and will be visible to everyone.

After registration is completed (November 1, 2019), a page will be created on this site where you can see all the participants in the competition. After accepting the video recordings of all participants (December 1), 2019, each participant will create a separate page where there will be a photo of the participant, his brief biography and video recording of his performance. Later on the page of each participant, the points that he scored will be visible (separately the assessment of each jury member and the total amount of points).


You can read about the jury here. Jury members (or their students) can also take part in the competition, but they do not have the right to evaluate themselves or their students. In this case, the estimates of the 9 remaining members of the jury are summarized, and then 1/9 of the amount is added. Example 1: the sum of 9 ratings is 80 points. 80: 9 = 8.89; i.e., the total amount of points will be equal to 80 + 8.89 = 88.89 Example 2: all members of the jury set masculine ratings, and the amount is 90 points. 90: 9 = 10; 90 + 10 = 100 points)


All money received for entry fees will be divided between the two Grand Prix. One Grand Prix in amateur and one Grand Prix in professional groups. The list of participants will appear after November 1 on this site. The volume of cash prizes will be equal to the number of participants * 10 euros (the amount of the entry fee)

Holders of 1, 2, 3 places will receive diplomas, my video courses (2 of any courses to choose each) and special prizes — souvenirs!

флешка в виде пианино
флешка в виде пианино

Also, one participant will be awarded a special prize in the amount of 100 euros from me personally (regardless of group, age, and getting a place or Grand Prix. That can be a participant who received the title of laureate of the competition or Grand Prix, or who did not took places or Grand Prix).

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